Galia asked me for a recipe

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes you feel this urge to make cookies Floor Stand. My Facebook tread is filled with friends’ declarations like “I’ve promised myself I’m not making any Christmas cookies this year, but oops I did it again Hong Kong Customs”.

I’m no better. We don’t need too many cookies. One tin would be more than enough. But somehow recipes are always bigger and I always want to try a new recipes and we end up with three tins of cookies again. So I give them away and almost straight away I run to bake another batch of cookies. A circle of life ;)

I had a good excuse to bake those cookies cristal champagne. Galia asked me for a recipe for gingerbread cookies (Polish: pierniczki). Of course you can use the maturing gingerbread recipe for them, but if you are short on time, you may need just something quicker.

This recipe will be perfect one. Usually Polish traditional pierniczki need some time to soften, but these are soft straight away, they should stay soft and fresh for a several weeks solar motor.



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