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Spicy honey-brushed chicken have actually been in our dinner rotation for years. I love the heat of red chilies and sweet punch of honey, tons of flavor from just a few ingredients. Throw together a quick salad while the chicken cooks and gorgeous dinner is literally on the table in few minutes. Even though it has the word spicy, it’s pretty mild. If you’re worried about the heat then cut down the amount of red chilies in half Alexander Hera.

Spicy Honey Chicken Wings are quite a popular street food in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, there honey glazed chicken wings are charred over grill and served satay style along with Peanut sauce, OMG!!! I am drooling. When it comes to Street food nothing can beat Asian Street Food Stalls, the air is filled up with inviting aromas and foodies like end up doing over eating valentino sale.

Honey Chicken is been my favorite snacks from past many years, whenever I have a cocktail party at my place I make sure Honey Chicken is in the menu and his friends just devour it. I marinate chicken for 2 - 3 hours but if you are in a rush then 30 minutes will do but yea leaving chicken in marinate for sometime is really important to infuse flavors in chicken alexander hera wedding.

The muffin tops are golden

The Beast and I agree that fall is hands-down the best season. While I love it for the weather, the clothes, the FOOD, and the memory of meeting The Beast 3 years ago, he loves it because it marks the opening of bow season in Wisconsin. Girls and boys are different.

Bow season starts this coming weekend, but The Beast left last Saturday for a couple days to get some last minute things ready at “Deer Camp” before the big weekend. Since he started his fall activity a bit early, I decided to dive into autumnal baking. He left around 11:30 on Saturday, and I immediately threw myself into the task of browning butter.

Side note: I’m helpless when presented with cute baking supplies, which is why these muffins are dressed up in seasonal liners and pumpkin-topped toothpicks. Necessities, obviously.

Last year I posted Nutella-Swirled Banana Muffins, which are 100% whole wheat, full of healthy things like wheat germ and Greek yogurt, and have just a hint of Nutella throughout. These muffins are kind of like those, but a tad naughtier. They ever-so-slyly walk the line between muffins and cupcakes. I’ve decided to call them “dessert muffins,” because I firmly believe all cupcakes need frosting. I personally would not choose these for breakfast (hellooooooo sugar high!), but if you want to call them breakfast and focus on all that vitamin A you’re getting from the pumpkin puree, go for it!

The muffin tops are golden, while the interior is fluffy, perfectly pumpkin spiced, filled with an addictive caramelized brown butter flavor, and studded with rich dark chocolate morsels. As if that weren’t enough, Nutella hides in the center of all that goodness. It’s pretty much everything you could ever want in a fall muffin.

To ensure the results were large, round-top muffins, I used a baking technique I found on Sally’s Baking Addiction. As I mention in the recipe, I filled the muffin liners to the top, and then baked the muffins for 5 minutes at a higher temperature (425 degrees), then baked them for the remaining time at a lower temperature (350 degrees). Isn’t the science of baking fun?


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